Presentation of the Department of Internal Medicine

The Department of Internal Medicine provides global medical care for patients hospitalised in the Foundation Hospital's departments, supported by its specialist physicians: Rheumatologists, Endocrinologists, Cardiologists and Pulmonologists, for a multidisciplinary teamwork approach.

It also treats patients with multiple conditions or systemic diseases of the head or neck.

In particular, it works with the hospital's other departments to develop the diagnostic and therapeutic management of:

  • Spinal conditions
  • Graves' disease
  • Pituitary gland diseases
  • Chronic inflammatory rheumatoid diseases

It has hospitalisation beds (conventional, week and day hospital) and offers external consultations at the request of community or hospital practitioners, providing them with its expertise across the spectrum.

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The Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild Hospital, recognised as a public utility, has the French legal status of private healthcare
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