Ophtalmology Emergencies

The ophthalmology emergencies department

Emergencies at the A. de Rothschild Foundation are open 24 hours a day for people with a recent visual problem, regardless of age, children and adults, excluding loss or breakage of spectacle lenses.

The reception is done by the emergency nurse who specifies the reason for consultation: decreased visual acuity, double vision, pain, redness or swelling of the eye, abrupt drooping eyelid or other problem after trauma or accidental projection in the eye. With this interrogation, the establishment of an order of passage in consultation is possible, according to the degree of gravity.

Children are given priority, whenever possible.

Our emergencies benefit from the constant presence of an ophthalmologist. In case of immediate surgical emergency, the intervention is carried out on site, after medical advice, day and night, in children as in adults.

Specific problems can be dealt with by practitioners specializing in the discipline concerned: it is thus an ophthalmologist specializing in the retina who takes care of and operates the detachments of the retina.

The ophtalmology emergencies department works in partnership with the other non-ophthalmological departments of the A. de Rothschild Foundation: neurology, adult and children neurosurgery, ENT, internal medicine and the medical imaging department, which includes a scanner and two MRI.

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