Freely given informed consent

Patient information and consent are the basis for a relationship of trust.

The hospital acts as a guarantor in terms of respecting these fundamental rights. In order to clarify and advise you on the choices available concerning your health with a view to reaching a "shared decision," the doctor will provide you with information and answer your questions.

You have the right to express the wish not to be informed, and this is at your explicit request.

Our doctors and nurses are also at your disposal to provide you with appropriate advice to ensure your treatments and tests are performed in the best possible conditions.

In some cases, you will be given specific documents concerning tests, procedures, or specific treatments.
These written documents supplement the information given to you verbally by nursing and medical personnel.

When a patient is incapable of expressing their wishes, the power of attorney, relative or, in the absence of these, another person close to the patient, must be consulted in advance.

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