Silent sinus syndrome with interfrontal sinus retraction: A 3-case series using CARE methodology.

Source: Eur Ann Otorhinolaryngol Head Neck Dis

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INTRODUCTION: Silent sinus syndrome (SSS) is a rare entity, almost exclusively involving the maxillary sinus, frontal location being very rarely reported. The aim of the present study was to describe clinical and radiological characteristics and surgical treatment using the CARE methodology.

RESULTS: One woman and 2 men were referred for chronic unilateral frontal pain with imagery showing silent sinus syndrome. All showed partial or complete liquid opacification of the affected sinus associated with a thin interfrontal sinus (IFS) retracted toward the affected sinus. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery was performed in all cases, with good functional results.

DISCUSSION: We describe 3 cases of SSS with IFS involvement. The frontal sinus wall seemed most vulnerable, probably most liable to be weakened by atelectasis. The study suggests that frontal SSS can be an etiology in chronic frontal sinusitis. Preoperative findings of IFS retraction are useful for surgical restoration of frontal sinus ventilation, relieving chronic pain and preventing complications.