Human pegivirus identified in severe myelitis and optic neuritis in immunocompromised patients: A pathogenic role for a forgotten virus?

  • N Valyraki
  • E Maillart
  • V Pourcher
  • N Shor
  • S Tran
  • M Boudot de la Motte
  • C Houillier
  • F Domont
  • E Morvan
  • M Touat
  • M Del Mar Amador
  • J Aboab
  • B Mathon
  • A Hesters
  • C Vignal-Clermont
  • C Dehais
  • S Bonnin
  • F Lafitte
  • N Villain
  • S Varnous
  • O Gout
  • M Eloit
  • C Rodriguez
  • R Deschamps

Source: Rev Neurol (Paris)

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The role of Human pegivirus (HPgV) in patients with encephalitis has been recently questioned. We present cases of 4 patients with similar clinical, biological, and radiological characteristics, including a past history of transplantation with long-term immunosuppression and a progressive course of severe and predominantly myelitis, associated in 3 cases with optic neuropathy causing blindness. Extensive workup was negative but analysis of the CSF by use of pan-microorganism DNA- and RNA-based shotgun metagenomics was positive for HPgV. This case series further supports the hypothesis of HPgV CNS infection and highlights the utility of metagenomic next-generation sequencing of CSF in immunocompromised patients.