Second medical opinion platform - international patients

Rothschild Foundation Hospital Platform for second medical opinion to guide your health decisions.


Why ask for a second opinion?  To take the best and clearest decisions when it comes to your health. With our platform, you have access to the expertise of our doctors without having to travel for it.

Our strong points:

👩 A panel of experts : Our renowned specialists in head and neck pathologies will study your medical case.

🚀 A fast service : Receive a fast and trustworthy second medical opinion within 72 hours of submitting your request.

🔒Guaranteed discretion: Your medical data is processed with full discretion.


How does It work?

  1. Register by creating your personal account on our website
  2. Upload your medical file : share your medical documents safely
  3. Get the expert’s opinion : Receive the thorough information in order to make the right decision


Your health is our priority. The second medical opinion platform is here to support you in every step of the way.

I ask for a second medical opinion

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