The Foundation in the service of Children

Almost 20% of patients received in our establishment are children, as a part of the Foundation’s pediatric hospital service.

PédiatriePediatric care is a key tool in the strategic positioning of our establishment’s hyper-specialized treatments for illnesses of the head and neck, and these activities are just some of what makes us an institution of reference, as seen by the examples of neurosurgery for intractable epilepsy, pediatric interventional neuroradiology, pediatric ophthalmology emergency treatment, and pediatric endocrinology services.

We work in partnership with many allied institutions. The most important and the oldest among the links, benefitting each of our specialties, is to the Robert-Debré Hospital, which manages our post-operative pediatric care. Strong collaborations are also routed to the two other big pediatric hospitals of the AP-HP, Necker and Armand-Trousseau, and again to more facilities in the Ile-de-France, like the hospital centers of Orsay, Vésinet, or Cergy-Pontoise.

As a center of reference which maintains a dynamic network, our pediatric services treat at a high standard and continue to develop within a setting of innovation and improvement for the patient pathway, by using the latest equipment and screening through telemedicine for retinopathy of prematurity, deployed for the first time with the hospital center Sud-Francilien with the help of the ARS and of the Lions Club, then extended to the hospitals Robert-Debré, Louis-Mourier, and Saint-Joseph.

This strategy features prominently in the world of research, where we educate and innovate, while linking the most cutting edge tools to the different interventions found at the Foundation. Consider the research activities and training in children’s neuropsychology with Paris University 5, the clinical research protocols on retinoblastoma with the Curie Institute, or even the latest surgeries to treat pediatric dystonias with the hospital-university center in Montpellier.

It would be impossible to develop pediatric hospital activities without working closely with patient associations. Here, the Foundation is lucky it can rely on numerous and solid partnerships with Hand in Hand, The Pink Jackets, Around the World, AFG Autism, and again the friendship with Robert-Debré, for the famous teddy bear regatta. 

All these activities are essential and touching, and they challenge us to improve in our everyday life, in our practice, and in our organization. And so, a momentous occasion is being planned with the inauguration of the newly renovated pediatric wing, which will cover all our pediatric hospitalizations after the rentrée 2016. 

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