Cartilage Ossiculoplasty from Stapes to Tympanic Membrane in One-Stage Intact Canal Wall Tympanoplasty for Cholesteatoma.

  • Denis Ayache
  • Florent Manac'h
  • Christian B Teszler
  • Mathieu Veyrat
  • Wissame El Bakkouri
  • Alain Corré
  • Mary Daval

Source: J Int Adv Otol

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OBJECTIVE: To report hearing results of cartilage interposition ossiculoplasty in one-stage intact canal wall (ICW) tympanoplasty for cholesteatoma with intact stapes. | MATERIALS AND METHODS: A retrospective study of pre and postoperative hearing status was conducted at a tertiary referral otologic center in a series of 61 patients having undergone one-stage ICW tympanoplasty for cholesteatoma with intact stapes and cartilage ossiculoplasty during the same procedure. | RESULTS: In the preoperative period, the mean air conduction thresholds (AC), air-bone gap (ABG), and speech reception thresholds (SRT) were 35.3, 20.14, and 35.6 dB, respectively. Postoperatively, with a mean follow-up of 29 months, AC, ABG, and SRT were 27.8, 13.34, and 28.8 dB, respectively. Mean hearing gain was 6.8 dB and mean SRT improvement was 6.8 dB. Mean bone conduction thresholds for 1, 2, and 4 kHz remained stable after surgery (17.6 dB preoperatively vs. 18 dB postoperatively). | CONCLUSION: Cartilage ossiculoplasty from stapes to tympanic membrane in one-stage ICW tympanoplasty for cholesteatoma is a safe, reliable, easy, and effective procedure, with no additional cost.