Presentation of the Department of Neurology

The Department of Neurology is a general neurology service which treats all central and peripheral nervous system diseases. The department handles 3,500 admissions per year (2,500 day hospital admissions, 1,000 conventional hospital admissions).

In addition to the Foundation Hospital's shared technical facilities (brain and spinal cord CT imaging and 3 Tesla MRI), the department of neurology has facilities for electrophysiological investigations: electromyogram (EMG), electroencephalogram (EEG), visual, somatosensory, motor and auditory evoked potential testing.
Nuropsychologists assess cognitive function and support patients suffering from chronic nervous system diseases.

The Department of Neurology mainly treats inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, in particular Multiple Sclerosis.

In addition, the Department of Neurology has a unit dedicated to the treatment of strokes, open 24 hours a day.

We also house a specialised unit for the treatment of Parkinson's Disease.

The Department of Neurology participates in the training and teaching of medical students and residents.

The Department of Neurology is involved in research in the fields of multiple sclerosis, strokes, and Parkinson's disease. It carries out phase 2 and 3 clinical trials aimed at evaluating new drugs.

The CNRS Vision and Cognition unit is attached to the Department of Neurology.

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