A Hospital with Culture

The Adolphe de Rothschild Ophthalmology Foundation has included elements of culture since the start of its construction in the early 19th century, in keeping with its membership in the philanthropic network of the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, founded to promote education, medical research, arts, and social entrepreneurship.  

The A. de Rothschild Foundation is fully dedicated to incorporating artistic elements into its buildings and patient spaces by developing a number of partnerships, and while reinforcing culture at the heart of where we work. Our hospital’s policy of maintaining a social presence accounts for this human dimension by opening up to the city and supporting nearby collaborations.

By ameliorating the environment both for the sick and for healthcare providers, this cultural project is running at full force and is at the base of what the Foundation believes.  It encourages the presence of art in the welcome areas and in the circulation zones for adult and pediatric hospitalizations, and on the outside walls of the Foundation.  By adding art, the hospital becomes a place for life; the experience of the environment has changed, and the patient and the provider are joined when they appreciate culture together.

The Foundation wishes over the next few years:  

  • To integrate culture into the patient’s hospital course and to bring respite and moments of escape during a treatment or hospital stay
  • To provoke new forms of social relationships between people and places, decompartmentalizing different service lines through establishing communal, cultural activities. To link internal teams and to re-invigorate them, ultimately guaranteeing an agreeable work environment.
  • Further establishing the Foundation as a social and cultural stake holder, deeply supporting open cultural activities beyond just our hospital, rendering culture acceptable and available to all.
  • Strengthening the anchor of the Foundation by developing cultural partnerships from nearby institutions.
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The Fondation Adolphe de Rothschild Hospital, recognised as a public utility, has the French legal status of private healthcare
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