Training and E-Learning Opportunities

In parallel with its economic activities and with its medico-economic research, the Center for Innovations and Studies in Health (CEIS) offers you “Blended Learning,” integrated into its full-HTA approach. 

In keeping with its spirit as an educational organization, this offer applies to innovations which have been studied and evaluated. Having been adapted to the needs of healthcare professionals, the Foundation specifically covers interactive, accessible e-learning modules online to assure simple and flexible solutions for face-to-face practice sessions. 

 « Blended Learning »: an innovation vector

Comprised of
• Interactive and accessible e-learning modules via our platform
• Face-to-face training sessions
• Scientific Colloquiums

2016 : Launching Our Learning Opportunities

In collaboration with our industrial partners, early September 2016 marks the start of training opportunities in hospital medicine, notably on pediatric EEG’s and injecting botox.

In September, our first e-learning modules will be online on the subjects of strategic management of healthcare structures and innovations in ophthalmology. They will be translated into English and will contribute to the international agenda to share Foundation knowledge in ways which soften geographical and linguistic constraints. 

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