Medico-Economic Research in Health

The Center for Innovation and Studies in Health (CEIS) proposes economic studies and medico-economic research projects (PRME).

Health innovations (medical, technical, and organizational) are undergoing steady development, supported by many different providers in the field. To properly evaluate the innovations and to grasp their different modalities as well as the ways they are diffused and implemented into health systems to offer the best therapeutic value, our team studies real world data taken from clinical pathways.

The A. de Rothschild Foundation created The Center for Innovations and Studies in Health (CEIS) to ally itself with these developments.

The CEIS, as a part of the new framework of the hospital, works alongside health professionals (industry, hospitals, supplementary insurance companies, etc) by mounting economic studies, medico-economic research projects (PRME), and offering educational opportunities around the latest innovations.

Every one of these new methods leads to the service of medico-economic research and of technological and organizational innovation.

Observationnel study using real patient data
• Medico-economic studies
o Analyses on cost-effectiveness/ cost utility/ cost-benefits
o Case studies
• Analyses on costs
o Micro-costs
o Gross-costs
• Expertise and advice for implementing innovations in a hospital
• Budget Impact Analysis

How do the studies benefit you?

These tools guide managerial decisions, namely with reimbursement requests and fee development for treatments, exams, and medical procedures. They are equally helpful when evaluating and thinking ahead in the domain of health politics

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