[PRESS RELEASE] The Department run by Prof. José-Alain Sahel and the Clinical Investigation Center of the A. de Rothschild Foundation achieve success with the 1st retinal implant using the PRIMA device

  • Monday, 29 January 2018 11:09

Within the scope of the clinical study conducted by the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation's Clinical Investigation Center, Dr. Yannick Le Mer, a Deputy Department Manager with the Foundation and retina specialist surgeon, performed the first successful implant of a PRIMA electronic device developed by the company Pixium Vision.

This breakthrough PRIMA implant was carried out as part of the French feasibility assessment performed by teams under Prof. Sahel at the Adolphe de Rothschild Foundation and the Quinze-Vingts Ophthalmological Hospital in Paris, spearheaded by the Clinical Investigation Center operating at both sites.

This procedure enabled restoring the perception of light signals for a patient afflicted with a dry atrophic form of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (ARMD). This female patient will be following up with a therapy phase, in accordance with the clinical protocol over a 6-month evaluation period.

This clinical study is intended to determine the tolerance of the PRIMA implant and demonstrate the restoration of visual perception among patients who have lost their central vision as a result of the dry atrophic form of ARMD. Up to 5 patients will be included in the study and tested over a period lasting at least 6 months and capable of being extended to at most 36 months.

"This initial successful implant step lies within the continuum of a robust development effort targeting PRIMA. The relative simplicity of the surgical procedure speeds patients' recovery. The activation process, as stipulated in the study protocol, was undertaken one month following the implant procedure." Dr. Yannick Le Mer adds: "The activation step enabled the patient to perceive a light signal in the zone of total vision loss and initiated a reeducation step to learn how to interpret such perceived signals. This step is critical to establishing an overall assessment of the efficiency of a PRIMA bionic vision system."

This success is the outcome of a fruitful collaboration between project institutions and partners (Stanford University, the Vision Institute / Sorbonne University / INSERM / CNRS), plus the involvement of the full panoply of medical expertise in coordinating this innovative clinical study.

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